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The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property trusts IncaMail

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Property rights such as patents, brands and designs are issued and managed in complex and confidential proceedings. Thanks to IncaMail, the secure e-mail service from Swiss Post, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) has been sending its correspondence electronically since February 2020. This has reduced the length of its proceedings and made archiving easier. “IncaMail enables us to communicate with our customers faster, more directly and in compliance with regulations,” explains Mirko Galli, Head of Service Development and Innovation at the IPI.

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Background and challenge

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) verifies, issues and manages commercial property rights, i.e. patents, brands and designs. In conjunction with other authorities, associations and companies, the IPI promotes “Switzerland” as an indication of source on the international stage, oversees the collective rights management organizations for copyrights, and uses a variety of methods to provide information to private individuals and companies. A recognized delivery platform was required for digitized handling of its proceedings and correspondence.

The solution

The Ordinance on Electronic Communication in Administrative Proceedings (ECAPO, SR 172.021.2) allows the IPI to deliver its correspondence electronically, thanks to the recognized delivery platform IncaMail. The secure e-mail service from Swiss Post was integrated seamlessly into the existing document and process software Domtrac. Since February 2020, the IPI has delivered all its correspondence electronically. IncaMail is used by the IPI for all brand proceedings, including registration procedures for national and international brands or opposition and cancellation procedures. At the request of the lead parties, the IPI sends all correspondence electronically, including decisions. In parallel with the digitization of the IPI’s business processes, IncaMail will also be used in all patent and design proceedings in future.

At the IPI, Head of Service Development and Innovation Mirko Galli is happy with the service: “IncaMail enables us to communicate with our customers faster, more directly and in compliance with regulations. And data security is also guaranteed at all times.”

Features and benefits

  • Major timesaver: Thanks to electronic transmission with IncaMail, the IPI’s correspondence can be delivered in a matter of minutes once a decision has been made by the IPI auditors. Electronic communication with authorities also facilitates a reduction in response cycles.
  • Data security and verifiability: The IPI is obliged to send correspondence in compliance with the legal framework. The required level of data security is guaranteed when using IncaMail. Dispatch via IncaMail is documented by Swiss Post and can be verified at any time.
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere: Anyone who uses IncaMail to send items electronically during IPI proceedings can access their correspondence anytime and anywhere.
  • Simplified archiving: The IPI delivers all correspondence as a searchable PDF file, in a format that is suitable for long-term archiving. This means users don’t have to digitize correspondence themselves when archiving their documents.

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