IncaMail App opens messages on all end devices

The IncaMail App allows you to read IncaMail messages securely and easily on all end devices and with any operating system.

On operating system iOS 11 or higher, IncaMail messages and attachments can be opened directly from the iOS e-mail account on Apple devices, even if the iOS IncaMail App is not installed. However, iOS 12 suspends the required secure connection when attachments are opened directly from the e-mail account. Only the IncaMail App opens messages and attachments securely and easily, irrespective of the end device and operating system. We therefore advise using the IncaMail App whenever you read messages and attachments on mobile end devices. To do so in iOS Mail, press on the attachment IncaMail.html for more than one second (long click) and then select the IncaMail App.

Swiss Post is working with Apple to find a solution which also enables IncaMail messages to be opened from the e-mail account on iOS 12.