Send large files securely

With “IncaMail Large File Transfer”, you can now send large files of up to 1 GB to any recipients via a secure connection, with minimal effect on the size of the IncaMail message.

After being uploaded, the large files are automatically encrypted and saved to the IncaMail infrastructure, and a download link is generated. This link is then sent to the recipient as usual in a secure IncaMail message. As the message is not delivered with an attachment, there is minimal impact on the size of the e-mail. The download link is active for seven days, after which the files are irrevocably deleted.

“IncaMail Large File Transfer” is available for the time being to customers with Mail Gateway Integration (MGI) in their e-mail programme. From the start of 2020, customers with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) will also be able to send large files with encryption via their business software. Use of “IncaMail Large File Transfer” does not incur any additional costs.