IncaMail is now simpler to use and has even more functions

Growing demand is making it possible for us to develop the IncaMail encryption service further. In the latest September 2020 release, we’ve optimized user-friendliness in various ways. We’ve also enhanced the functionality.

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What’s changed

  • HybridMail: With this new feature, recipients can now open IncaMail messages directly by clicking a button in the e-mail, or as usual by opening an HTML attachment. This simplifies and modernizes the opening process for IncaMail messages.
  • Improved processes: We’ve also revised the registration and password recovery process to make it clearer. Users will now be guided through the processes in a better, more intuitive way.
  • Key link: Non-registered users will now receive a key link in a separate e-mail. Clicking on the key link will open the contents of the IncaMail message. Recipients do not need to remember or copy and paste the security code.
  • Storage of IncaMail messages: Messages will now be stored in encrypted form on the IncaMail system for a maximum of 90 days. This change is necessary to allow IncaMail messages to be opened independently of the IncaMail.html attachment. Once the 90-day storage period expires, the IncaMail message can still be opened using the familiar IncaMail.html attachment, as the attachment will be sent as well.

Here’s what you can still count on

  • Data protection remains guaranteed: data on the IncaMail system is stored only in encrypted form. The security of the IncaMail system is based on the latest technology at all times and is reviewed by external companies on a regular basis.
  • ISO 27001:2013 certification and recognition from the Federal Office of Justice as a secure delivery platform guarantee that IncaMail meets the very highest security standards.

Outlook for 2021

User-friendliness is becoming more and more important. Our aim is to make IncaMail as simple as possible to use. That’s why a visual redesign of the platform is planned for next year. The goal is to improve the IncaMail user experience.