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IncaMail enables you to send payslips, contracts and other confidential documents securely. You can send mail with ease from your business software or your existing e-mail client, such as Outlook. Private customers benefit from the simple and secure IncaMail web interface.

Individual mailing
from your e-mail client

Send encrypted e-mails directly from your existing e-mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. 

  • Easy to implement
  • Send large files (up to 1 GB) securely
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Bulk mailings
from your business software

Send bulk mailing items, such as payslips or tax assessment notices, in an encrypted and verifiable format – directly from your business software.

  • This saves on time and costs, because you no longer need to communicate by letter mail.
  • Easy to implement
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Private e-mail communication
via the web interface

Send and receive encrypted and verifiable e-mails via your personal e-mail address.

  • Send 10 messages per month free of charge
  • Purchase additional messages with ease
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