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Often, it is the small details or the special features of the different operating systems and e-mail programs that prevent IncaMail from working smoothly. The following online support addresses the most frequent causes in everyday practice. More comprehensive operating instructions, brochures and technical documentation are available for download under “Downloads”.

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You can read your IncaMail message by clicking on the “Read” button in the e-mail sent to your e-mail inbox and following the instructions on the screen.

Copy the link to the “Read” button in your browser and open it there. Depending on the device, you can copy the link by means of a right-click or by pressing on the “Read” button for a long time.

To read a message on a mobile phone or tablet, click on the “Read” button in the e-mail sent to your e-mail inbox and follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Registration requires you to enter the correct e-mail address.

  2. Registration must match the registered login. The relevant, SuisseID, SwissID, ZUGLOGIN or Login Geneva login methods apply.

  3.  The instructions under “Forgotten password” lead to the renewal of the personal password. The new password is either sent to you as an SMS code, or you can enter it directly if you answer the security question correctly.

If you are still unable to register, the customer service department will be happy to help.

In your personal IncaMail account, you can enter the new e-mail address under settings in the “e-mail addresses” section. As soon as you have added the new address, an e-mail is automatically sent to this address with the activation code. By entering this activation code in the settings, registration of the new e-mail address is complete. You can now use the usual password to open all IncaMail messages to the previous and new e-mail addresses. A registered e-mail address and the password is sufficient to register for IncaMail. If you wish, you can also open a new IncaMail account using the new e-mail address.

IncaMail messages cannot be forwarded to other e-mail addresses. To receive IncaMail messages at the new e-mail address, the sender must be notified accordingly.

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Factsheets, instructions and documentation on IncaMail available for download.

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The IncaMail GTC. 

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Current availability of IncaMail.

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Preconditions for sending and receiving IncaMail messages.

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