Disclosure of source code

Swiss Post believes that only a transparent and politically neutral e-voting solution can be successful in the long term. It is therefore publishing the source code of its solution. In addition, it has published various technical documents (see “Publications and source code”).

Source code disclosure is a mandatory precondition of the Federal Chancellery for the use of advanced electronic voting systems.

The aim of publishing the source code is to establish and build confidence among the general public, while obtaining feedback from professional experts and the opportunity to make improvements.

The disclosed source code relates to the implementation of the cryptographic protocol for complete verifiability at application level. The specification of the cryptographic protocol and the architecture of the e-voting solution are published.

Accessing the source code

A Gitlab.com account and registration with Swiss Post are required to view the source code. In addition, all users must first accept the conditions of use (PDF, 166 KB).

Go to registration

If you are already registered, you can access the source code here:

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Swiss Post is conducting a public intrusion test from 25 February to 24 March 2019. Registration is required. More information and registration can be found on this page: www.onlinevote-pit.ch