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E-voting and security

The highest security standards guaranteed

Data security is the top priority in the e-voting process. Swiss Post’s e-voting solution boasts special security-related and cryptographic provisions. These guarantee security and vote secrecy during electronic votes and elections in accordance with the legal basis in place.

Ongoing verification of the system

  • The e-voting platform can be checked by the voting authorities and independent auditors before, during and after the votes are cast.
  • Authorities and independent experts have verified the core e-voting components.
  • Cryptographers and hackers from all over the world are able to examine the system, the components of which are accessible to the public. In addition, Swiss Post is running a bug bounty programme for an indefinite period, and rewards any confirmed vulnerabilities.
  • Responsibility for monitoring the e-voting process as a whole lies exclusively with the electoral commission of the relevant canton.
  • The electoral authorities can verify at any point whether the digital voting process has been tampered with and whether only valid votes have been cast. However, they cannot alter the process or make any inferences about a voter from a vote.
  • System administrators and other people with system authorizations can neither consult nor change votes.

Vote secrecy guaranteed

Data protection guaranteed

  • Continuous encryption throughout the entire voting and election process guarantees vote secrecy.
  • A patented “mixed” process implemented before the votes are decrypted prevents any inferences being made between the votes cast and the voting order. This means the protection of voters’ data is guaranteed.

Tamper-proof (verifiable) voting guaranteed

High level of transparency in the e-voting process

  • Swiss Post’s e-voting solution allows voters to make sure their vote has been registered properly by the system, i.e. the actual vote they cast.

Verification and recounting of the results

Integrity guaranteed

  • Swiss Post’s e-voting solution provides a secure authentication process based on individual digital certificates.
  • State-of-the-art security mechanisms within the e-voting infrastructure coupled with sophisticated cryptography in the system prevent attacks by hackers or abuse by system administrators with privileged access.
  • All activities are recorded and monitored by means of inalterable logs. Cryptographic HMAC techniques, digital signatures, random and temporary secret cryptography keys and short-term control points are combined to create a secure log chain. This ensures the integrity and authenticity of the protocols.
  • Swiss Post’s e-voting solution prevents duplicate votes being cast during the e-voting process. The cantons themselves take precautions to ensure voters cannot cast multiple votes via different voting channels.

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