DDP customs clearance solution for consignments to the EU
Automated, legally compliant and cost-effective customs clearance

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The DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) customs clearance solution from Swiss Post allows you to considerably enhance the shopping experience for your customers abroad. Any import tax and customs duties in the country of destination will be charged to the Swiss consignor and not upon delivery to the recipient of the goods. 

  • A positive shopping experience for your customers without any unexpected costs
  • Legally compliant
  • Automated data transfer to customs clearance partners 
  • Cost-effective: attractive prices for shipping and customs clearance 
  • For small goods of up to 2 kg sent to the EU 

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Who is this service for? Preconditions

“DDP customs clearance solution ” is a service for business customers who maintain a billing relationship with Swiss Post.

  • You must have completed the necessary registrations in Germany (tax ID and EORI number).
  • All data relevant to the consignment and customs clearance must be transferred in a prescribed format.
  • Electronic import customs clearance in Germany can only be used in combination with the “Small Goods Letter International – contract prices“ offer of Swiss Post.
  • For volumes of 5,000 or more consignments per year, we will assess whether the use of the solution is feasible.

Important information

  • For Germany: day of posting + 3-4 working days
  • For Europe: day of posting + 4-5 working days

The DDP customs clearance solution is available for all EU Member States.

From 1 January 2021, it will no longer be possible to send consignments to Great Britain using the DDP customs clearance solution in the EU. This is due to Brexit. As of this date, the VAT exemption limit of GBP 15 for commercial goods consignments (business-to-consumer) will also no longer apply, and all goods consignments sent from Switzerland to Great Britain will be subject to VAT.

For commercial goods consignments (business-to-consumer) with an intrinsic value of up to GBP 135, the sender is now responsible for delivery of the British VAT. To avoid delays to delivery times due to customs blockades, Swiss Post recommends using the DDP shipping solution for consignments to Great Britain. Important note: to use this solution, the Swiss sender must register for tax purposes in Great Britain. For commercial goods consignments with a value of up to GBP 135, it is no longer possible to import goods into Great Britain using Incoterm DAP/DDU (Delivered at Place or Delivered Duties Unpaid = duty unpaid and untaxed).

If the value of the goods exceeds GBP 135, the recipient is always liable to VAT and, where applicable, customs duty (Incoterm DAP/DDU), regardless of whether or not the sender is registered in Great Britain.

More information on sending small goods to Great Britain can be found here (PDF, 169.7 KB)Document is unavailable.

Franking: based on the consignment data uploaded to our system, a label detailing the sender and recipient address as well as the postage paid impression is generated. The label must be attached to the consignment by the sender.

DDP consignments can be submitted to any acceptance point or handed over during an existing collection. 

Prohibited goods include coffee, tobacco, alcohol, medicines and dangerous goods.


For even simpler integration: the DDP customs clearance solution is now also available in the PepperShop shop software.

“Webshop Connector International” online service

Clear your consignments through customs easily, securely and automatically

Use the “Webshop Connector International (WSC)” online service to send international small goods consignments easily and securely through customs. You can securely connect your web shop in just a few clicks. The WSC service enables you to automatically print shipping labels for small goods to the EU and use our simple and reliable DDP customs clearance solution.

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