Electronic customs clearance documents (eCCD)
Receive proof of import/export automatically and without delay using eCCD

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The e-dec customs system (electronic customs declaration) provides the declarer (in this case: Post CH Ltd) with the tax assessment decision electronically. The customs office creates the tax assessment decision in electronic form (eVV) and generally makes it available within a few days after import/export. It serves as a proof of import/export and entitles you to reimbursement of Swiss value added tax.

In accordance with the VAT Act, the party liable for VAT, usually the importer, is obliged to keep the eCCD files and an audit trail for the entire process within their company. This type of archiving therefore not only involves saving the eCCD XML data relating to electronic tax assessment decisions for ten years, but consists first and foremost of linking processes within the accounting system to the associated orders, invoices, etc. This responsibility lies solely with the party liable for VAT and is set out accordingly in the VAT Act and in the Accounts Ordinance (AccO). (Spedloggswiss circular no. 705/2012 – 709/17 update)

Electronic customs clearance documents (eCCD)

Retrieving electronic customs clearance documents

The electronic tax assessment decision (eVV) and other customs clearance documents (eCCD) are available for you to download or will be sent to you automatically via e-mail. You can change your personal Customer Center settings to include automatic delivery of the eCCD.

Here’s how it works

All companies and private individuals importing or exporting goods receive an electronic tax assessment decision and other customs clearance documents. Companies can use them to claim any VAT due.

You have the following options for obtaining the customs clearance documents:

For single consignments

Enter the consignment number and postcode you find on your service invoice here.

Using Swiss Post Customer Login

If you have a Swiss Post Customer Login, you can access the documents from several eCCD accounts simultaneously. To do so, link your eCCD accounts to your Swiss Post Customer Login.

Using the eCCD account

If you have an eCCD account, log in using your personal login. You will need your customer number (5xxxxxxx) and your password.

The receipts are generally available on our platform 72 hours following import for a total of ten years (in accordance with the mandatory period of retention). They can be obtained at any time as often as is required.

As an international mail order retailer, use your customer number and select the postcode of your Swiss address as recorded in the Swiss VAT register as your password. You can find the postcode by entering your UID number in the Swiss VAT register.

Special conditions as of 2016

Since 1 January 2016, the Federal Customs Administration requires that the company identification number from the commercial register (UID-HR) be indicated in the import and export declarations by all customs service providers.

Who is this service for and preconditions

All companies and private individuals importing or exporting goods receive an electronic tax assessment decision.

As a legal entity, you can apply for reimbursement of any VAT due along with the tax assessment decision. The tax assessment decision also provides entitlement to deduction of input tax. Information regarding the validation of your electronic tax assessment decisions is available on the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security website.


The “electronic tax assessment decision” online service is free to use.



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