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Do you want to flexibly combine your Europe-wide shipping solution for parcels of up to 40 kg with attractive value-added services? We have the perfect additional options for every requirement.

Flex delivery service

Do you want to offer your customers alternative delivery options?

Even while in transport to the country of destination, recipients can, for example, select:

  • a specific delivery day,
  • delivery to an alternative address,
  • a GLS parcel shop or
  • collection from a depot.

It is also possible to issue a storage authorization.

Currently the FlexDelivery Service can be offered from Switzerland to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Pick-up service

Would you like us to collect export parcels from your premises? The pick-up service from Swiss Post GLS offers you a variety of options for the collection of your parcels, be it a one-off or on a regular basis:

  • individual or standardized collections
  • export on the same day as collection if required
  • preparation of parcels ready for shipment loose, on pallets or in Swiss Post roll boxes
  • collection of up to five parcels per day by our mail carriers on their delivery round at particularly advantageous conditions
  • Kickbag, the reusable and sustainable packaging solution

Your customer advisor will be happy to advise you to help you to find the optimal solution for your parcels and your needs.


StatusMailerService Classic

With the StatusMailerService Classic from Swiss Post GLS, you receive a status report in your e-mail inbox by 9.30 a.m. every day concerning all consignments due (with delivery date on the previous day). You will benefit from a cumulative overview and additional advantages compared with Internet track and trace.

StatusMailerService Premium

Do you need additional details on pending shipments, such as the detailed cause of delays or the expected delivery date of a delayed shipment? Then StatusMailerService Premium is the right solution for you.

StatusMailerService Premium
Proactive clarifications by Swiss Post GLS

Per parcel (min. CHF 25.00 per month)

CHF 1.00

AddOnInsurance / additional insurance

Additional insurance

You can insure your parcel against all risks. For watches and jewellery, the offer is valid up to a maximum amount of EUR 5,000.00 – without any excess. The insurance provided by our partner, Basler Versicherung, covers all risks from door to door. You can find more details in the insurance conditions presented below.

You can also insure customs duty and foreign VAT, thereby also benefiting from full cover for this loss risk.

You can apply for the additional insurance very easily:

  1. Download the Excel file below and complete the required fields. At the end of the spreadsheet, you can see exactly how much the additional insurance will cost.
  2. Send the duly completed Excel file to    
  3. You will receive immediate confirmation of your insurance cover from our Customer Service.

You do not need to label the parcel itself or the commercial invoice in any special way.

Important: Basler Versicherung can only grant insurance cover if you have informed us of the parcel to be insured in advance using the Excel file and you have received confirmation from Swiss Post GLS either by e-mail or fax. We only guarantee up to the amount of proven damage and no higher than the value of the content indicated on the customs documents.

Conditions of the additional insurance

  • Insurance premium for all goods apart from watches and jewellery: 1%
  • Insurance premium for watches and jewellery: 2%
  • Surcharge for easily breakable goods (e.g. glass and china): 0.7%
  • Insurance premium for customs duty and VAT: 0.7%
  • Minimum premium: CHF 18.00

Because the first CHF 500.00 already offer protection against loss and damage (see details in the “Postal Services” General Terms and Conditions), you pay a premium only on the amount over CHF 500.00.

Sample calculation

  • A parcel with a value of CHF 1,500.00 containing medical screws: CHF 1,500.00 - CHF 500.00 = CHF 1,000.00; relevant amount x 1% = CHF 10.00; because this is smaller than the minimum premium of CHF 18.00, we charge CHF 18.00.
  • A parcel containing watches worth CHF 5,000.00. Customs and VAT worth CHF 500.00 are also insured: CHF 5,500.00 - CHF 500.00 = (5,000.00 x 2%) + (500.00 x 0.7%) = CHF 103.50 premium. 


Proof Service

Do you need confirmation of receipt with a copy of the recipient's signature? With our Proof Service, you can request provision of confirmation of receipt.

Confirmation of receipt with copy of recipient signature

per parcel upon successful confirmation

CHF 30.00

Pick&Return Service / Pick&Ship Service

Do you want to have a parcel collected in a European country and delivered to Switzerland or another country? With our Pick&Return / Pick&Ship Service, we can provide you with a standardized collection service abroad.

Pick&Return Service
Collection in a European country and return to Switzerland

per consignment plus costs for parcel and custom clearance

CHF 30.00

Pick&Ship Service
Collection in a European country and transport to a third country

per consignment plus costs for parcel and custom clearance

CHF 30.00

You can easily make use of the Pick & Return/Pick & Ship Service:

  1. Download the Excel file below and complete the required fields.
  2. Send the completed form and your commercial invoice to
  3. You will receive an immediate order confirmation from our Customer Service.

Transit Service

Do you want your parcels to be delivered duty unpaid in transit?

With our Transit Service, we deliver your parcels duty unpaid under customs control.

The Transit Service is free of charge for you. Business recipients abroad will generally be invoiced the relevant fees for this service.


With the ShopReturnService from Swiss Post GLS, you can offer your European customers a simple, convenient and free returns solution.

Returns from 22 EU countries (currently) can be posted in one of 17,000 GLS ParcelShops and sent back across borders to Germany.

For you, handling the returns is simple and we can offer the following attractive conditions:

  • ShopReturnService (service fee): CHF 2.00/parcel
  • Parcel post with ShopReturnService: on request, depending on sender country, recipient country and weight 


Solution for return shipments from the EU

Swiss Post GLS offers the ideal solution for your returns from the European Union (EU) to Switzerland. At the GLS partner depot in Donaueschingen, they can be collected, picked and sent back to Switzerland quickly, easily and affordably as a collective consignment in an outer box.

With this return solution, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Attractive prices for transport and customs clearance for return shipments to Switzerland
  • Complete control over your returns management
  • Additionally benefit from the solution for your undeliverable parcels with the related cost savings

Prices and conditions

Outer box consignment Transport
Price per outer box
Up to 5 kg CHF 21.00
>5 kg CHF 23.00
>10 kg CHF 25.00
>15 kg CHF 27.00
>20 kg CHF 29.00
>25 kg CHF 31.00
>30 kg CHF 38.00

All fees are added to the aforementioned transport prices:

  • Picking and packaging: CHF 30.00 per outer box
  • Export clearance: CHF 30.00 per return shipment
  • Handling and storage: CHF 3.00 per parcel and month

Full fees and a detailed service description can be found in the “Solution for return shipments from the EU” factsheet below.



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