Transport regulations
Additional regulations supplementing the GTC

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The regulations presented here have been valid since 1 January 2011 and supplement the Swiss Post GTC. We reserve the right to make changes.

Unauthorized goods

The following goods are not authorized for transport (export and import): Dangerous goods in accordance with IATA and ADR regulations (explosives, dyes, paints, etc.), live animals, plants and seeds (further restrictions possible depending on the incoterm label used), weapons of any kind1, perishable goods, personal effects, mortal remains, currencies or documents with a nominal value, gemstones, precious metals, works of art, goods with an A.T.A. carnet, alcoholic goods, temporarily imported goods, processing traffic (inward/outward) and food. Exceptions are possible with the approval of Swiss Post GLS. The goods shall be packed in a safe manner for transport.

The use of wooden boxes and pallets must be settled in advance.

The maximum allowable value per package is EUR 5'000. With an additional agreement, the maximum permitted value per package can be increased to EUR 10'000.

1  For the United Kingdom, the shipping of knives, blades, swords or axes of any kind is excluded.

Signing an import and export contract


With the unconditional acceptance of the parcel, the recipient agrees to pay any customs clearance costs and state levies in due time and to acknowledge the current transport regulations and the authoritative GTC.


Through the unconditional posting of a parcel at the post office counter or its handover upon collection, a contract is generally agreed with Swiss Post GLS. With the handover of the parcel, the current transport regulations and the authoritative General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Swiss Post are deemed to have been accepted. These terms and conditions can be consulted at any time online or can be obtained at the post office counter. For individual services, we conclude an individual contract with you indicating the prices, discounts, target quantities and weight structure as well as the additional contractual provisions.


In the event of the loss of or damage to a parcel, we are liable to the sender for the effective value of the goods in the parcel as declared at the time of posting (a maximum of CHF 500.00). No liability will be assumed if the parcel is accepted unconditionally. The published transport times within Europe (countries and delivery times) are guidelines and are not guaranteed. External factors (customs, traffic, strike, etc.) may affect these times. No liability is assumed for delays and any resulting damage. In every case, the sender must secure the consignment in the appropriate packaging. Any customs duties and taxes applied due to incorrect documents are the responsibility of the sender.

Additional insurance

For the export of parcels, the sender can take out an additional insurance against all risks from door to door (up to EUR 5,000.00). The value of the parcel is insured at the place and time of the start of transport plus freight, insurance premiums and all other costs to the destination. For second-hand goods, the current market value of the insured good applies. Swiss Post GLS must receive notification of the desire for additional insurance before the insured transport begins and this requires confirmation. Details will be regulated separately. In particular, the insurance contains no cover for confiscation or detention by a government, for transport or delivery delays (irrespective of the cause) or for indirect damages of any kind or damage resulting from inappropriate packaging.


The Swiss Post GLS services are generally to be settled by means of an invoice. The payment deadline is ten days. From the second dunning level, we charge an arrears fee in addition to the costs of the Swiss Post GLS services.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

In addition to these transport regulations, the authoritative and current “Postal Services” General Terms and Conditions apply. These terms and conditions can be consulted at any time online or can be obtained at the post office counter. For additional services, e.g. the shipment of pallets or taking out an additional insurance, separate regulations apply which can be consulted at any time online or can be obtained from Swiss Post GLS. All contracts are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Berne (or Basel for additional insurance).


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