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«Your Gateway to China»

The potential for cross-border online trade is prompting Swiss companies to expand abroad. With more than a billion potential buyers, the Chinese market is proving to be extremely attractive. However, immature markets, such as China, are not comparable with developed markets, such as Europe or America, and can be more demanding to enter, especially for SMEs. Therefore, attempts fail frequently and are associated with great financial effort or even excessive demands.

Gradual market entry using a unique overall solution

With the «Your Gateway to China» solution, Swiss Post has a unique compelling offer for Swiss SMEs. Thanks to five components that can be combined in a modular manner, Swiss SMEs rely on a standardized solution adapted to the Chinese market and the resources of smaller companies without having to forego individual advice and support.

From determining the exact market potential to identifying your main competitors (Module 1), to activating your brand and participating in marketing promotion programs (Module 2), to re-assessing your store concept and develop KPI Benchmarking (Module 3), to finally be so successful to be included in our Swiss Pavilion on Tmall (Modul 4). During the whole journey, Swiss Post will be providing Logistics solutions that best fits your brand’s needs (Module 5).

Find out more about the specifics of the five modules below and feel free to contact us for further information: “Get in Touch

Module 1 – China E-Commerce Market Strategy


  • Most Swiss SMEs fail 
  • Step from 0 to 100 is simply too big
  • There are already more than 60,000 international brands competing on Chinese marketplaces
  • Most SMEs are concerned with the question of whether the Chinese market is an opportunity at all, and are discussing this highly controversial internally 


  • By determining the exact market potential 
  • Determining how much of it is addressable
  • Determining price points
  • Identifying main competitors
  • Determining all resulting duties (customs and/or value added tax) 
  • Identifying possible regulatory implications 
  • Provide outlook and determining exact costs for the next step / module

Module 2 - Brand Activation & Promotion Channel on WeChat


  • No market is as fiercely contested as the Chinese market 
  • Swiss SMEs and their products are mostly unknown on this market 
  • Simply placing products on Tmall and/or JD is not sufficient to guarantee commercial success 
  • Investments already made in other known channels like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram etc. are of no real benefit in China given their unavailability 


  • Defining a limited number of products (for example 5 SKUs) for brand activation and promotion 
  • Thereby automatically participating in all planned, regular sales promotions in order to be able to share the resulting costs with all other participating Swiss SMEs 
  • Participating in KOL (Key Opinion Leader) campaigns that are crucial to commercial success in China
  • Participating in "affiliate" programs for the development of an additional distribution channel with proven multiplication effect
  • Using additional or individualized activation and promotion measures

Module 3 - Online Store Performance Optimization


  • An attractive performance is a particularly big challenge in China and is anything but a sure-fire success
  • Marketplace operators, such as Alibaba for example, are unwilling to accept modest revenues over a longer period of time -> experience has shown that revenue must be at
  • least RMB 2 million per year (CHF 30K per month)
  • Swiss SMEs can use this module to learn from the best as well as benefit from mistakes  others have done


  • Re-assessing the entire store concept 
  • Auditing the current on-site service provider (TP)
  • KPI benchmarking
  • Surveying market share development over the past 6 months
  • Surveying the effectiveness of all promotions over the past 6 months

Module 4 - Swiss Pavilion on Tmall


  • Swiss Post is operating the "Swiss Pavilion" on Tmall together with Alibaba since its successful launch during the CIIE in Shanghai since November 2018
  • Swiss Post contributed 8 out of the 16 Swiss brands currently listed
  • These automatically benefit from increased visibility and the resulting higher sales
  • This is precisely how they automatically benefit from Alibaba's land-based sales promotions (eg.11.11, which was marked by country promotions for the first time in 2018
  • and did not only emphasize categories as in previous years)


  • The goal of is to make Swiss SMEs so successful that they can be included in our "Swiss Pavilion" on Tmall
  • In the end, all the modules aim at this final result

Module 5 - Logistics

  • With order values of more than CHF 100, a direct shipment from Switzerland can
    easily be financed
  • Transport costs are weight dependent. On average, they amount to CHF 10 from the Swiss SME to the final recipient in China using a forward stock of your products in HK.
  • This includes all sub-steps such as pick-up, Swiss export, international consolidated
    air transportation, deconsolidation and import in Hong Kong as well as Chinese
    import and final delivery in China
  • All services are provided directly by Swiss Post or one of its joint ventures
    companies such as TNT/FedEx or Asendia
  • Order values below CHF 100, as well as promotional items in general, can be
    commissioned and shipped directly from Hong Kong
  • In the same way, international in-feed points for Cainiao (Alibaba) and JD Logistics
    for example, are supported
  • For particularly high value goods in excess of CHF 5,000 for example, individual
    warehousing / bonded warehouse solutions are being suggested

Impressions from our launch event at the Swiss Post Headquarter

Find out more how our partners and joined Swiss brands talk about their experience and expertise in China. 

Impressions from the Launch of Gateway to China in Shanghai


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