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Our range of services for cost bearers

As a health insurer, you are an integral part of the healthcare sector. You insure the people around whom the entire health sector should revolve – the patients. Dealing with the underlying administrative processes can be a burden. Are your processes not quite running smoothly? Not a problem. This does not mean that all processes are fundamentally incorrect. Often, an optimization helps in one place so that your processes run smoothly again – e.g. in that you outsource or digitize certain activities, such as the dispatch of sensitive documents, your internal mail or document and fleet management.

The Swiss Post fleet manager satisfied all Cilag’s objectives to the full with the service package provided – but what was decisive for us was the extensive network of partner garages and the direct driver support. After only a few months, we noticed a change for the better. Our drivers are very satisfied and we are too.

Mirjam Mueller, Fleet Manager, Cilag GmbH, Johnson&Johnson, Zug