SwissID – your secure login
Swiss Post uses SwissID

With SwissID, you can log in easily and securely to more and more Swiss online services. SwissID is a free service from SwissSign Group Ltd., a joint venture between state-owned enterprises, financial companies, insurance companies and health insurers.

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  • By having a single login, you’ll have access to more and more Swiss online services, allowing you to take care of everyday tasks easily, quickly and efficiently from home.
  • Your personal data is optimally protected with SwissID. It is encrypted and stored exclusively in Switzerland.
  • Swiss Post customers have been able to use all Swiss Post online services with SwissID since the autumn of 2017.

What is SwissID?

With a single login, SwissID will in future offer you simple and secure access to the online services offered by numerous companies, including Swiss Post. Forgotten passwords are a thing of the past.

I already have a Swiss Post Customer Login. What happens now?


Swiss Post customers will be informed in stages by e-mail about linking their Swiss Post user accounts with SwissID.


When you are asked to link your Swiss Post user accounts with SwissID, log in as usual with your Swiss Post login.


You will then be given a description of how to link your account. Simply follow the instructions and create your SwissID with a personal e-mail address.


You can link all your accounts to your SwissID, whether they are business or private accounts. No changes are made to your data within the Swiss Post Customer Login. This means that after you have linked various user accounts to your SwissID, you can choose whether you want to use the private user account or the business user account of Swiss Post. The separation of business and private accounts remains guaranteed as a result.

It is also possible to link your accounts with SwissID without being asked to do so by Swiss Post. To do this, log in to your Swiss Post user account and click on “Link SwissID” in the Customer Center under “My profile” or in the user profile. Then follow the instructions.

Is my data safe?

With SwissID, your personal data is optimally protected: it is stored in encrypted form and is protected against access by third parties. SwissSign Group Ltd. stores your data exclusively in Switzerland and does not use it for commercial purposes. By using two-factor authentication via SMS, Mobile ID or the SwissID app, you’ll make your SwissID even more secure.

I have a “SuisseID” (USB stick or chip card). What should I do?

You need a SwissID to log in to your Swiss Post user account. “SuisseID”, which is hardware-based (USB stick/chip card), can no longer be used for logging in to Swiss Post. However, you can continue to use SuisseID to create electronic signatures that are legally valid in Switzerland.

By the way: you can easily transfer your verified identity from SuisseID to your SwissID account. To do so, create a SwissID account and follow the instructions under “My verified identity”.

If you have questions about SwissID or SuisseID, SwissSign Group Ltd. would be happy to assist you further on +41 848 99 88 00.