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Process business mail easily with the “Receive consignments” online solution

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Simplify your incoming mail and maintain an overview with the “Receive consignments” online solution. You receive all important consignment data from your barcoded letters and parcels in convenient electronic format, enabling efficient further internal processing of your business mail, even with the app.

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The benefits for you

  • Maintain an overview of your incoming mail
  • Optimize your internal work process
  • Create transparency for every mail item
  • Secure and digital: enjoy complete control
  • Use the app and save even more time

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Simplify your day

Quality and security play an important role, particularly when receiving consignments that need to be signed for. Thanks to the electronic capturing of signature and name via smartphone, your internal post office becomes a modern, paperless, high-quality organization – from incoming mail to tracking to archiving.

“Receive consignments” has been designed to meet the needs of business customers who regularly receive valuable consignments or large quantities of consignments. You can use the solution just for parcels, just for letters with a barcode or for both types of consignment.

Manage your incoming mail efficiently and professionally with “Receive consignments”. The consignment data for the incoming letters and parcels with a barcode is available immediately, which creates transparency. It also simplifies further processing, avoids sources of error and enables cost savings.

Here’s how it works

  1. Simple and convenient:
    Record incoming letters and parcels from Swiss Post by scanning the barcode with a hand scanner. Distribute the mail internally in no time at all, and register signature and name electronically.
  2. Entirely transparent:
    Check your incoming mail electronically against the Swiss Post consignment data (e.g. consignment number, sender, recipient, product). This minimizes manual entry or even avoids it entirely.
  3. Own infrastructure:
    You need a computer with Internet access, a commercially available hand scanner, a smartphone for app users, and you’re all set.


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