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With the “Receive consignments” service, you use Swiss Post consignment data to ensure efficient internal letter processing in your company. This reduces or completely eliminates manual data entry for internal mail delivery.

  • Cost savings thanks to more efficient processing
  • Immediate availability of all relevant consignment data
  • Mobile option for recipient identification and for additional functions
  • Can be used without system installations

Who is this service for and preconditions

The “Receive consignments” service is offered to business customers who have a billing relationship, and works on a contract basis. The service is primarily designed to meet the needs of business customers who regularly receive particularly valuable consignments or large quantities of consignments with barcode (letters, parcels or courier items).

Basic service

With the “Receive consignments” basic service, your receive all important consignment data electronically for your letters with barcode and your parcels. You obtain a quick overview of incoming mail and can use the available data for further processing.

You may set up the basic service just for parcels, just for letters with barcode or for both shipping options.

The “Receive consignments” service provides the following information:

  • Consignment number (parcel/letter)
  • Basic service/value-added service (parcel/letter)
  • COD amount/amount of postage (parcel/letter)
  • Domestic/International (parcel/letter)
  • Returns and reasons (parcel/letter)
  • Dimensions and weight (parcel)
  • Reference from sender regarding content (parcel partially/letter partially)
  • Recipient address (parcel partially/letter partially)
  • Business customer sender address (parcel/letter)
  • Place of posting (post office for private customers) (parcel/letter)
  • Date of posting (parcel partially/letter)
  • Date of delivery (parcel/letter)
  • Consignment pictures (parcel/letter)

There is no information provided for courier and third-party consignments, this may be added and registered if required.

Mobile option

The Mobile option provides you with more ways of processing your incoming mail and for your internal delivery. This enables you to register the signatures and names of the internal recipients. Additional remarks with a smartphone or tablet will turn your internal post office into a modern, professional paperless organization guaranteeing a high level of quality: from the receipt of mail items and delivery tracking with electronic signature through to the archiving of consignment data.

The “Receive consignments (SSEB)” web application links the basic service (web application) with the Mobile option. With this application, you can synchronize data registered for incoming letter and parcel consignments with barcode with your mobile device. The app displays the existing consignment data which you can change or add to if necessary. The main feature is the electronic registration of the recipient’s signature. This facilitates mobile consignment distribution irrespective of location, clearly simplifying the internal delivery service. You can set the “Mark notification” status using your mobile device. If the consignment cannot be delivered to the intended recipient immediately, the corresponding person (or their organizational unit) will be notified by e-mail that the consignment is ready for collection (→ Basic service).

The synchronization automatically triggers the transfer of all data saved to the mobile device back to the “Receive consignments” online service.


A fixed monthly fee is charged for use of the online service. Operation and any upgrades are included here.

If desired, we can help you with configuration and set-up on site and give employees an introduction to using the online service. This support is subject to a charge. It will be invoiced at an hourly rate of CHF 158 (incl. VAT). Get in touch with us for details.

With the Mobile option, Swiss Post charges an additional fixed monthly fee of CHF 250 on top of the monthly charge. The number of devices and/or users is unlimited.

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