Automatic, seamless monitoring of internal parcel temperature

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When sending temperature-sensitive goods, it is important for senders and recipients to know that the specified temperature range was maintained even during transportation. The solution Thermomonitoring enables manipulation-proof recording and transmission of temperature data.

  • Simple to install and configure
  • Can be integrated into existing logistics processes
  • Manipulation-proof data transfer
  • Automated alarm for deviations

Here’s how it works

The solution Thermomonitoring consists of:

  • A temperature logger
  • Software for picking with NFC station and scanner
  • A dashboard with remote access
  • Transportation
  • Read-out of temperature data upon delivery

Dashboard set-up

The sender can define permissible consignment profiles (temperature ranges) for each consignment type and configure the required alarms.

Preparing the consignment

The picker prepares the consignment by selecting the required consignment profile and links the temperature logger to the consignment number.


The picker packs the goods and encloses the logger with the consignment. It is advisable to place the logger in a robust reply envelope addressed to Modum, pre-franked if necessary.


The temperature logger continually records the internal temperature of the consignment during transportation. The mail carrier delivers the parcel to the recipient.


If the parcel is scanned upon delivery, the recorded temperature data is transmitted automatically – without the parcel needing to be opened.

Unpacking the goods and returning the temperature logger

The recipient unpacks the goods and sends the temperature logger back to Modum.


The sender (e.g. pharmaceutical expert) can check and monitor their consignments on a dashboard via remote access. If the temperature drops below or exceeds the target, they are automatically notified and can decide what action to take.

Temperature loggers

The temperature loggers are certified and calibrated. They are provided by the company Ltd for a period of one year. During this time, any loggers with an expired certificate or flat batteries will be replaced free of charge.


Price for using the temperature loggers for one year: CHF 80.00

Price per consignment: CHF 6.30 plus the original consignment price

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Thermomonitoring is a Swiss Post early product. The early Label stands for innovations which Swiss Post tests and develops together with its customers. New products or services are identified by the label if they are launched on the market at an early stage, with the goal of obtaining feedback and input for further development.

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