An all-in logistics solution for distance selling

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Important factors in distance selling and online business include:

  • Fast shipping
  • Error-free picking
  • Efficient returns processing
  • Cost transparency

Thanks to a highly-automated warehouse and picking facility we are in a position to ensure you manage these factors and meet the most demanding requirements.

Service and features


  1. We accept the delivered goods and store them at our warehouse facility.
  2. The plants brings ordered goods automatically to the employees. Our staff put the order together, pack the items and prepare all the necessary documents.
  3. Smaller and larger goods from different storage areas can be put together if required.
  4. Once ready, the consignment is sent to your customers quickly and reliably.

YellowCube takes care of the following tasks for you:

Incoming goods

Collection, or acceptance of delivery by you


  • Storage of small items in the automated logistics facility
  • Storage of large goods on pallets and in block storage


  • Packing ordered items, invoicing, delivery notes and labelling
  • Packing of small and large goods


  • Late orders with next-day delivery
  • Hand over to Swiss Post’s parcels, letters or small consignments channels for shipping nationally and internationally

Other customer benefits are available to you as part of our recipient services:

Electronic information

  • Warehousing of new items
  • Stock level
  • Order status
  • Picking status
  • Shipping status
  • Returns
  • Re-warehousing of returns

Your benefits

  • Outsourcing your logistics and capacity planning, including peak capacity handling.
  • Focus on your core business
  • Long-term cost optimization
  • Your picking costs are calculable, and in-house storage and staff costs eliminated
  • The most modern logistics facilities
  • Fast picking and high picking accuracy
  • Fast returns processing and re-warehousing
  • Simple IT connection
  • If required, comprehensive advice as and when you need it along the entire distance selling value chain.

Integration in your e-shop

YellowCube now also offers adapters for e-shop solutions. Thanks to these certified expansions, integration is now even easier.

Value-added services

  • Serial number and expiry date recognition
  • Enclosure of company brochures, flyers, etc.
  • Returns management: retrieval, control, preparation and fast re-warehousing of returned items for the next order.
  • Import and export customs clearance including clearance of returns
  • Export and letter mail

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