Daily delivery of newspapers in Switzerland
Postal delivery of newspapers and magazines

Swiss Post has proven solutions available for the shipping and delivery of newspapers and magazines. Your printed matter on subscription needs to reach your readers throughout Switzerland hot off the press, on time and in immaculate condition.

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Publishing houses leave nothing to chance with postal delivery of newspapers and magazines. With its distribution network, Swiss Post covers the whole of Switzerland, and is well-versed in shipping print products. Reliable, on-time daily newspaper delivery by Swiss Post promotes the print medium and boosts customer loyalty.

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Daily subscription newspapers

Swiss Post delivers daily subscription newspapers in their main distribution areas on the date of publication and promotes reader satisfaction.

Weekly subscription newspapers

With postal delivery, you ensure that weekly subscription newspapers reach readers the day after they are mailed.

Monthly subscription newspapers

With postal delivery, monthly newspapers are delivered on the second or third day after mailing.

Distribution of free newspapers

Swiss Post reliably delivers free newspapers without wastage on the day after mailing within a predefined distribution area.


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Dispatch list for newspapers

The “Dispatch list for newspapers” online service simplifies newspaper mailing considerably.

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Preparing newspaper mailings

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Newspaper inserts

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