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Reliability in the distribution of daily newspapers is an important factor in building reader loyalty. Swiss Post delivers daily subscription newspapers in their main distribution areas on the date of publication and promotes reader satisfaction.

Dispatch list for newspapers

The “Dispatch list for newspapers” online service simplifies newspaper mailing considerably.

Service and features

The delivery of daily newspapers on the date of publication ensures satisfied readers who can count on reading the latest issue of their newspaper each day.

  • Delivery on all working days, including Saturdays.
  • Nationwide delivery in all regions of Switzerland
  • High reliability thanks to Swiss Post’s efficient distribution network
  • Individual solutions at attractive conditions
  • Service options set out in the “Newspapers” brochure

Important information

Not all regular publications are considered to be newspapers. Criteria for shipping as a daily subscription newspaper include a specific periodicity, a minimum print run, certification of the number of subscriptions, and other factors.

Please refer to the “Newspapers Switzerland” brochure to check what the requirements are for using the daily subscription newspaper service.


Prices for the delivery of daily subscription newspapers depend primarily on periodicity, the weight of the newspaper, and the amount of preliminary sorting required.

Daily subscription newspapers benefit from attractive prices and special services. The Federal Office of Communications issued the following decision on contributions in relation to press subsidies.


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