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A customized publication solution enables publishers, companies, institutions/organizations and public authorities to outsource the publishing of magazines, customer magazines and other media to Swiss Post. The modular service range covers the entire publishing process: both physical and digital. It is possible to receive an integrated, complete solution and targeted support for individual process steps.

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Service and features

Swiss Post publication solutions enable the publishing of magazines or other regularly produced publications to be outsourced in part or in full. They increase the impact of the medium in the marketplace, raise publishing efficiency and reduce costs.

Comprehensive publishing services

The outsourcing services offered encompass a chain of interlocking publishing services. These span the entire development, production and distribution processes of publishing: from market and target group analyses, conceptional support, address data management, and handling of user and advertising markets, through to shipping and distribution logistics.

Enhancement of your publication

Market studies and fact-based assessment of your magazine/customer magazine are also used to identify optimization potential. Consistent alignment with the target group combined with goal-oriented marketing measures can strengthen reader retention and attract new readers. A professionally designed, target-group-oriented publication is also attractive to potential advertisers.

A modular service concept

You can make use of outsourced publishing as an integrated, complete solution or as a clever combination of individual service modules as required. This modular structure means the range of publishing services can offer the highest level of flexibility.

Consistent professionalism guaranteed

With a complete publication solution, Swiss Post acts as the general contractor. It undertakes core postal services, such as address data management, mailing management, implementation of dialogue marketing measures, and handling of shipping management. Swiss Post works together with suitable external partners for tasks and partial processes outside of its areas of competence, but it assumes overall responsibility for seamless execution.

Transparency and control

As the client, you are always up to date with ongoing activities. Swiss Post provides you with a solid basis on which to make decisions and guarantees absolute transparency through detailed reporting.

Service modules


  • Development of independent impact studies in collaboration with appropriate market and opinion research specialists


  • Support for internal editing or for the external content agency in developing and providing relevant content

User market

  • Readership analyses and definition of the core and secondary target groups, reviewing and cleaning of the address database
  • Reviewing of publication positioning
  • Development and implementation of dialogue marketing measures
  • Address data management / subscriber management

Advertising market

  • Reviewing the suitability of the medium as a means of advertising third-party offers
  • Evaluation and acquisition of potential advertisers in collaboration with suitable media buying specialists


  • Development and optimization of the layout, or support and supervision of the commissioned designers
  • Performance of the prepress stage by suitable specialists


  • Definition of measures for optimizing production costs
  • Production planning
  • Service tender for the print order, appraisal of tenders and consultation with the client in choosing an appropriate print shop
  • Monitoring of printing and quality checks


  • Definition of measures for optimizing transport costs
  • Dispatch planning, execution and inspection of transport operations headed to the acceptance and collection points


Distribution performed in accordance with the client’s specified distribution concept. The following options are available:

  • Direct delivery / daytime delivery
  • Unaddressed delivery in the defined distribution zones
  • Delivery to retail sector channels (kiosks, petrol station shops etc.)
  • Distribution abroad through to and including delivery to the end customer
  • Special placements
  • Digitization and delivery as an e-paper


  • Processing of non-deliverable consignments, address research and updating of the address file



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