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Solutions for the public sector

As a longstanding and reliable partner, we know the challenges facing public authorities, citizens and the private sector. It enables us to envisage future scenarios and offer secure, legally compliant e-government services, which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems. Benefit from the sustained introduction of our services. By doing so, you’ll be promoting the digitization of Switzerland together with us and helping society get ready for the future.

E-mail encryption

Normal e-mails are as easy for unauthorized persons to read as a postcard. That poses major risks. As a public authority, you are in the spotlight: the public is interested in how you tackle the topic of data protection.

With IncaMail, you can protect your confidential correspondence – such as tax statements, personal data and payslips – against manipulation, loss and access by third parties. IncaMail is officially recognized by the Swiss Confederation as a secure electronic delivery platform.

Payment solutions for public authorities

As a public authority, would you like to provide your citizens with electronic services? We can handle the entire online payment process. The BillingOnline payment solution offers the following benefits:

  • Modular solution tailored to your needs
  • A single contact person for contract-related matters, technology and support
  • Integration of all the leading payment methods
  • Real-time creditworthiness check and payment guarantee

Electronic voting and elections

E-voting enables voters to cast their votes online, anytime and anywhere.

The votes are encrypted, anonymized and stored in an electronic ballot box. Only the relevant canton’s electoral commission can open the ballot box and decrypt and count the votes.

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Online debt collection
Payment collection proceedings

Carry out debt collection proceedings quickly, electronically and cost-effectively.

Tilbago provides the ideal service for processing your debt collection proceedings electronically through digital communication with authorities (e-DEBA), including management of loss certificates.

  • Hosted by PostFinance – the data remains in Switzerland
  • Invoicing in accordance with the pay-per-use principle 
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