Keeping on-the-spot fines coming in
Fines portal with payment solution

No-one likes getting a parking fine. But we’ve all had a meeting take longer than expected, or lost track of the time while dining with friends – and come back to find our parking time has expired. If a police officer is around, he or she will issue a fine. The ability to pay the fine via an online fines portal is convenient and reduces the burden on both the public and the police. But how does a modern electronic fines process work?

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The digital transformation also provides public authorities with opportunities in many areas to digitize and connect processes that previously were handled using paper-based methods. This includes procedures for fines. If these are processed completely electronically, both the public authority and the individual being fined benefit from the reduced effort required on their part. This being the case, it is a good idea for police forces to seek out professional support to develop an electronic solution.

The leading provider of fines solutions for Swiss police forces is Abraxas Epsilon SA. The Münchenstein-based software company understands the challenges facing its customers and develops forward-looking solutions for them. The company’s strengths are in vehicle inspections, parking, vehicle permits and fines management. When it comes to fines, a majority of cantonal police forces are satisfied customers of Abraxas Epsilon SA. And this is for good reason: with its app, payment portal and centralized administration systems, the company provides solutions for the seamless handling of the process.

App digitizes fines

With the “EPSI fines app” and “EPSI payment portal“, Abraxas Epsilon offers two complementary products to fully digitize fines processing for parking.

Here’s how the app works:

  • The police officer comes across a vehicle that has been parked incorrectly and opens the fines app on their smartphone.
  • The officer scans the number plate of the vehicle, triggering electronic number plate recognition.
  • Using the digital number plate, the officer has – depending on the options available to the customer – electronic access to parking permits (from various data sources).
  • The police officer enters and completes the necessary information using their smartphone.
  • With the data having been entered, the officer then scans a QR fine slip, creating a fine that is transmitted straight to the back office system.
  • The person being fined can use the QR code to log in to the EPSI payment portal and access information about the fine.
  • The person can now pay online, enter driver information, request an inpayment slip or even raise an objection.

Proven and simple fines solution

Law enforcement can use the assistant function to enter cases more quickly and in an error-free manner using their smartphone, as well as to access the latest information from the relevant databases. For their part, individuals who have been fined can directly access the online payment portal via the QR code on the fine slip. On the portal, they can see details about the fine and can pay it with a single click.

Together, the “EPSI fines app” and the “EPSI payment portal” from Abraxas Epsilon SA represent a fully-integrated, forward-looking solution. A key factor behind the success of this all-in-one package is the fact that the application is developed systematically and in partnership with customers. Many cantonal police forces, including in Basel-Stadt, Zurich, Lucerne and the city of Lugano are already using the digital fines solution. New customers are also continuing to sign up in French-speaking Switzerland.

Perfect payments solution

To handle the technical side of the payment process, Abraxas Epsilon SA chose BillingOnline from Swiss Post. Its motivations for doing so include Swiss Post’s status as a well-known service provider and the fact that it enjoys the confidence and a high level of credibility with administrative authorities and with the public at large. Abraxas Epsilon SA and Swiss Post are working together efficiently to integrate the payment solution into the Abraxas payment portal. Patrik Kaiser, CEO at Abraxas Epsilon SA, says: “BillingOnline completely meets our needs for a payment solution. We have full confidence in it and it’s also to the satisfaction of our police customers.”

Satisfied customers

Fines are now handled completely electronically by many cantonal police forces – thanks to the fines portal and BillingOnline. One of the first customers to use the product was the St. Gallen cantonal police force. Jürg Graf, the force’s traffic fines head, continues to back the solution:

“We’re very satisfied with this product. The portal works securely and reliably. Payments can be entered automatically and clearly in the fines processing system. Our administrative workload has been significantly.”


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