When will the payment solution be available for your public authority?

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Many public authorities provide their citizens with an online portal to access their services. This enables residents to order various certificates, parking passes or SBB 1-day travelpasses and to carry out other public sector business. Not being able to pay directly online is inconvenient. There’s an electronic payment solution that can help.

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If public authorities provide their residents with services online, they’ve already taken a major step towards digitization and increasing their proximity to customers. But without an online payment solution, they’re only halfway there. This interruption in the process means additional effort is needed from both customers and the authorities, regardless of whether the item ordered is picked up and paid for at the counter in person or delivered by post. With postal delivery, staff create the bill, print it out and send it with the order. The customer then pays the bill either at a Swiss Post branch/bank counter or electronically. With a direct online payment solution, this work is no longer required. It’s in tune with the times, allows everyone involved to visit a public authority online in a short space of time, ensuring a completely smooth customer experience.

Greater efficiency thanks to digital solutions

All market participants are affected by digitization and public administration is no exception. Its biggest advantage is that it makes a substantial contribution to simplifying business processes and, in turn, to increasing efficiency. Digital consistency is becoming increasingly important for cross-agency cooperation. The fact that the Confederation, cantons, cities and municipalities have set up the eGovernment Switzerland organization shows how determined they are to drive digitization forward together.

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Online payment solution: fast implementation, significant added value

Compared to major digital projects, planning a payment solution is straightforward and can be implemented quickly. So why isn’t the option taken up? There are two reasons: decision-makers have other priorities and, for the most part, are not experts in payment solutions. It’s true that payment solutions are not without their problems: due to the various payment providers, a number of different contracts need to be concluded, while there are also different support services and various interfaces that constantly need to be adapted. 

With an online payment solution for their services, public authorities reduce their administrative workload considerably and project an image of modernity and customer proximity vis-à-vis their citizens.

Calling on technical experts

If a public authority already provides digital services and is interested in incorporating an online payment solution, it should first talk to the provider responsible for their existing shop software or IT solution. The authority needs to make it clear that it’s looking for an up-to-date payment solution. It’s worthwhile discussing the project in detail with the provider and going through the processes relating to the services that are to be offered online. The provider may see additional ways to optimize the procedures. What’s ultimately important when choosing a payment solution?

Payment solution: what’s important

  • A single contractual partner
  • Available payment methods
  • Efficient operation and central support
  • High standards of security (PCI standard)


Swiss Post’s BillingOnline payment solution meets all the mandatory criteria mentioned. The workload for customers is reduced as Swiss Post is their only contact partner and it handles all negotiations with the payment service providers. BillingOnline consolidates cash flows for all payment providers, credits the revenue collected and provides reports. The highest security standards are maintained throughout the entire BillingOnline process.

Here’s how it works

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Advantages of BillingOnline

  • A single point of contact
  • All leading payment methods can be integrated
  • Customer-friendly
  • Monthly revenue reports
  • Increased efficiency
  • High level of security thanks to PCI certification

BillingOnline used by public authorities

For a number of different public authorities, e.g. the Federal Roads Office, BillingOnline and its partners have already successfully implemented numerous payment solutions and portal integrations.

One such well-known service, for example, is eMoving, a platform enabling residents to de-register and register electronically with municipalities when moving house. They pay the corresponding fees online. BillingOnline handles the transactions, assigns the incoming payments to the municipalities and transfers the total amount to them every month together with a detailed invoice. Another application of BillingOnline is the fines portal: members of the public can pay fines quickly and conveniently via the online portal.

Are you interested in BillingOnline?

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