Share data digitally and securely
Secure e-mail and file sharing solutions

Make sending e-mails and data management more secure for yourself. The solutions of IncaMail and Tresorit will allow you to meet all EU and Swiss compliance requirements, and they will also reduce the potential security and reputational risks for your company.

Communicate securely by e-mail
Encrypt e-mails with IncaMail

IncaMail provides legally compliant e-mail encryption for people who value data protection now and in the future. IncaMail allows you to send individual items and bulk mailings securely and cost-effectively, and to transfer large files.

Store and share files securely
Cloud storage and file sharing with Tresorit

Tresorit, a subsidiary of Swiss Post, gives companies full control over their digital data. Tresorit provides trusted, highly secure workspace, file transfer, and Swiss cloud storage solutions that allow users to work securely and effectively with others.