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Take advantage of Swiss Post’s nationwide transport network in Switzerland. We collect your goods and deliver them the next working day to recipients throughout Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Here’s how it works

Our transport services are available as small consignments transport or as partial and full shipments. We also offer extra trips which cannot be processed in day-to-day business.

An order contains the following elements:

  • Completeness check at the shipping unit upon acceptance of the consignment
  • Proof of delivery with the recipient’s signature
  • Delivery during normal office hours, in principle
  • to the outer door at ground level
  • to a ramp
  • to a kerb
  • Electronic transport order
  • With the Track consignments online service, you can track your item electronically.
  • Reliable, in compliance with ISO quality standard 9001
  • Environmentally-friendly, in compliance with the ISO environmental standard 14001

Who is this service for?

Domestic small consignments transport is intended for business customers who transport a large volume of goods.

Important information

Conditions for private customer delivery:

  • The recipient’s address must be accessible by truck.
  • The consignment is delivered at ground level (at the kerb).
  • The delivery is made during normal office hours (as far as road conditions allow).

We do not transport the following items:

  • Animals
  • Containers, in particular 20- and 40-foot sea freight containers
  • Liquid goods in tankers
  • Goods with a high value requiring specially secured transport or vehicles (see SecurePost)
  • Bulk solids, skips
  • Operations requiring rollerbed equipment (e.g. air cargo containers)
  • Perishable goods (food, plants) which we cannot transport in temperature-controlled conditions at 4-12°C
  • Furniture/removals (see Installation service)

What’s not included

Contractual penalties

Prices and discounts

Unfortunately, we cannot provide prices for specific transport operations as each operation is unique.

Prices depend on:

  • The transport unit
  • The weight and size of the consignment
  • The place of collection and delivery
  • The date of delivery

Please inform us of your needs and we will get back to you with a quotation.

Preparation for loading

Identification of the goods to be transported

  • Every transport unit (TU) must indicate the full address of both the sender and the recipient (assignment of the transport unit to the contract must be guaranteed, e.g. with the order number).
  • The customer delivery slip must be attached to the goods to be transported.
  • The packages must be identified in accordance with international standards (ISO R/780 and DIN 55402) (these standards govern the marking of temperature- and pressure-sensitive goods and/or fragile goods which must be clearly identified on the package).

For all other transport units, the effective dimensions and the weight must be indicated (l x w x h).

Dimensions of consignments

  • It must be possible for a single person to handle the transport units (using a pallet truck).
  • It must be possible to stow the goods easily and to load them from the back.

Transport units weighing more than 1,500 kg and/or higher than 220 cm as well as small consignments more than 3 m in length require a special agreement and must be specially referenced when placing an order.

Packaging suitable for transport

  • You must ensure the goods are packaged appropriately for transport (OR 221.222 transport contract).
  • The goods to be transported are to be packed in an appropriate manner such that no person or object is placed in danger and that the goods are protected against loss and damage.
  • Goods which are sensitive to heat and cold must be protected such that no damage occurs within the transport times indicated (5 p.m. next day, recommended 48 hours).

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We collect the goods from the location indicated by you.

When submitting manual orders, please note any possible additional costs as set out in “Terms and conditions for additional services and surcharges” (PDF, 90.9 KB)Document is unavailable..


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