International Transport Logistics
Imports and exports from and to Europe

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We handle all your cross-border transport of small consignments, partial or full loads and, if desired, also take care of all import and export customs matters. 

  • Quick and easy customs clearance
  • High level of quality and reliability
  • A single contact partner for all logistics services
  • Professional, multilingual contact partners (German, French, Italian, English)
  • Delivery and collection throughout all countries in Europe
  • State-of-the-art equipment: swap bodies and all types of transport, from sprinters to trains to jumbo-trailers
  • Individual services tailored to your needs if desired
  • Worldwide transport (incl. import, export, customs clearance) in collaboration with renowned partners

Here’s how it works

  1. Collection at the loading point
  2. Transport to a platform in Switzerland: Swiss Post hub, parcel center, letter center, direct delivery to the end recipient
  3. Unloading of goods


We transport consignments from Switzerland to anywhere in Europe and from anywhere in Europe to Switzerland.

Type of transport

  • Small consignments, partial and full loads
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Direct journeys with sprinters


Value-added services

  • Second loading/unloading point 
  • Provision of loading equipment on the ramp (partial and whole loads)
  • Transport insurance cover 
  • Carriage of dangerous goods
  • Extended waiting time at the loading/unloading point
  • Procedure in the event of refusal to accept

Who is this service for?

Swiss Post International Transport Logistics is a range of services for business customers who require cross-border transportation.

Important information

Our services do not include:

  • Temperature controlled transport of whole loads, isotherm
  • Temperature controlled transport of small consignments, isotherm
  • Sea freight
  • Transport of food
  • Transport of weapons
  • Removals transport
  • Transport of valuables or works of art
  • Intra-European transport of any kind (start/end point not in Switzerland)

Regulatory framework

The goods must be accompanied by documents facilitating customs control in the country of origin and receipt.


We organize this transport via networks of selected partners.

Prices and discounts

Please contact us or let us know your wishes. If necessary, we will first consult with you and then give you a quotation.

Preparing consignments

  • Every transport unit (TU) must indicate the sender’s and recipient’s addresses in full. Allocation of the transport unit to the order (e.g. with an order number) is necessary.
  • The customer delivery slip must be attached to the goods to be transported.
  • The packing pieces are to be labelled in accordance with the international standards (ISO R/780 and DIN 55 402). (These standards govern the marking of temperature- and pressure-sensitive goods and/or fragile goods; these markings must be clearly recognizable on the packing piece.)

For EURO pallets (120 cm x 80 cm x max. 220 cm), the effective height is also to be indicated.

For all other transport units which differ from the EURO pallet dimensions, the effective dimensions must be indicated (L x W x H).

  • It must be possible for a single person to handle the transport units (using a pallet truck).
  • It must be possible to stow the goods easily and to load them from the back.

Transport units weighing more than 1,500 kg and/or higher than 220 cm as well as small consignments more than 3 m long require a special agreement and must be specially referenced when placing an order.

  • You must ensure the goods are packaged appropriately for transport (OR 221.222 transport contract).
  • The goods to be transported are to be packed in an appropriate manner such that no person or object is placed in danger and that the goods are protected against loss and damage.
  • Goods which are sensitive to heat and cold must be protected such that no damage occurs within the transport times indicated.


We collect the goods from the location indicated by you.

Customs clearance, declaration


  • Acceptance of documents for import customs clearance
  • Acceptance of data relevant to the customs control
  • Creation of the import declarations based on the harmonized customs tariff system
  • Dispatch/handover of original customs clearance documents to the customs authorities
  • Dispatch of the “Customs” and “VAT” assessments to customers who do not have their own ZAZ account

Value-added services

  • Determination of the customs tariff number
  • Customs inspection

Accompanying documents for customs clearance

  • Commercial invoice with all customs-related information (country of origin, gross/net weight, value of goods, customs tariff number, preference, etc.)
  • Sufficient description of the goods; the nature of the goods must be indicated
  • Indication of the relevant customs tariff number, ideally by the importer or customer
  • Indication of the origin of the goods (declaration of origin)

Duties, taxes and other fees are paid only after the creditworthiness check has been carried out.

Tariffing value-added service

  • Inspection of the nature of the goods based on goods samples, documents and descriptions
  • Determination of correct position from the Swiss customs tariff

Regulatory framework

  • The customer must know and be able to prove the origin of the goods.
  • We are not liable for any fees which arise as a result of missing or incorrect details and instructions. Customs fines or criminal proceedings resulting therefrom shall be at the expense of the customer

Customs inspection value-added service (precious metal control)

  • Presentation of goods to customs at a predetermined customs clearance point
  • Picking: removal of goods required by the customs authorities from the consignment
  • Acceptance of the customs notification and passing on of this information to the customer

Other value-added services

  • E-logistics: data exchange between customers/goods recipients/Swiss Post
  • Transit clearances (creation of T documents)
  • Reimbursement of customs duties

Scope of services

  • Acceptance of documents for export customs clearance
  • Acceptance of data relevant to the customs control
  • Creation of export declaration
  • Dispatch/handover of original customs clearance documents to the customs authorities
  • Reimbursement of customs duties on order

Accompanying documents

The customer’s commercial invoice must be present.


Contact (international)

Contact (international)

CHF 0.08/min. from landline phones within Switzerland
Monday till Friday: 7am - 12 noon and 1pm - 5.30pm

+41 58 341 31 31

+41 58 341 31 31

For hearing impaired persons

For deaf or hearing impaired persons

Our address

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