Hearing specialist gets closer to customers via Swiss Post branches
Testing, advice and services in the best location

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In looking to optimize its locations, Neuroth, the hearing specialist, is taking a new approach by setting up full hearing centers in Swiss Post branches.

At present, Neuroth has offices in five Swiss Post branches, offering customers greater convenience thanks to the good location and improved proximity. This also plays into the company’s excellent service quality, for which it was recently named a test winner by the Swiss Institute of Quality Tests (Schweizer Institut für Qualitätstests).

Whether you operate on a national or regional scale, companies of all sizes can make use of Swiss Post branches to be physically present in the best locations.


How can your SME grow with help from Swiss Post branches?

From advertising to advice − we offer numerous, tailor-made options for your SME to make use of Swiss Post branches.

Present with your range of services and staff
Your own presence with your range of services and staff

  • Sales and consulting areas
  • Promotional space
  • Consultation rooms

Trained Swiss Post staff provide advice on your services
Consulting services for your offer by our employees

  • Personalized advice
  • Explanation of your digital products
  • Customer acquisition

Services and transactions at the counter
Services & transactions at the counter

  • Product sales
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer service

Advertising at the counter and in the customer zone
Advertising spaces at the counter and in the customer zone

  • Analogue and digital advertising spaces

Let’s work together

We’ll be happy to show you how you can benefit from the Swiss Post branch network during a non-binding meeting.

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Find out more about how our branch network is perfectly suited as a sales channel and access point for your customers.

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