Professional storage of medicines
Storage, order-picking and delivery to the point of consumption

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The logistics centers in Villmergen meets the strict requirements on the storage of medical and pharmaceutical products and is therefore officially approved by. Our qualified know how to handle sterile, pharmaceutical and medical goods. Your sensitive products are stored securely and in accordance with the regulations in our temperature-controlled AutoStore unit. We carry out order-picking of your goods in accordance with your requirements.

Performance and benefits

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Our performance

  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Order-picking right down to individual items
  • Homogeneous/mixed order-picking of goods
  • Order-picking based on patient cases or department cabinets
  • Sequencing sorting for efficient fine logistics
  • Registration of batch and lot numbers
  • Monitoring and reporting of storage temperature and humidity
  • Inventory
  • Handling of returns
  • Value-added services (repackaging, application of stickers etc.)

We comply with all regulations of the Ordinance on Medical Devices.

Storage types

  • Temperature-controlled storage for medical devices and pharmaceutical products
  • Dangerous goods warehousing recording to all legal guidelines
  • High security zone

Structural and organizational procedures guarantee the necessary security.

Cross docking

Swiss Post runs an central automated storage facility for several hospitals. Suppliers no longer make individual deliveries to the hospital, but instead bring the various goods directly to Swiss Post’s central logistics center. Here they are checked and stored long-term or temporarily storage and inspection of your items. with the support of the system. If required, cross-docking is carried out where goods delivered by external suppliers are combined on a time-specific basis with the hospital’s centrally stored products. The orders from individual hospitals are supplied on a ward-specific basis and transported to the agreed location in accordance with regulatory guidelines. GDP-compliant and actively or passively temperature-controlled transport complements Swiss Post’s range of environmentally sustainable services.

Who is this service for?

The storage of medicinal and pharmaceutical products is targeted to hospitals, clinics and homes as well as manufacturers and retailers. The outsourcing of their entire logistics operation, or a part thereof, to Swiss Post means being part of an efficient, sustainable logistics solution, covering the entire Swiss healthcare system.

E-Health 360 degrees. Service provision Hospitals /homes: International Line Haul, bundled cenetralized storage and picking, delivery to predefined locations - directly to the point of use, even to the department cabinet, integrated on demand tools and roobotics. At home Personalized medicine: Logistics with transfer to the patient Hoem: secure information transport, parcel post, Installation Service, or even patient driver servce. Diagnostics Laboratories: International logistics, physical & digital; just-in-time/just-on-demand delivery - automatic stock reorders; secure transport and storage of samples. Life sciences Pharmaceutical: Temperature-controlled transport from direct imports to storage and an efficient multichannel distribution network. Life sciences BioTech: Logistics for research and development, international Line Haul, temperature-controlled, secure transport - physical and digital, compliance with strict regulatory requirements. Life science MedTech: Simple solution with short turnaround times, border crossings and connecton to a certified sterilization solution.

Area-specific logistics

Hospitals and homes

Bundled, centralized storage and order-picking of medical consumables even cabinet specific, together with customer-specific delivery times (day and night) are Swiss Post’s core services. Swiss Post enables you to achieve optimal efficiency in your processes by deploying integrated flows of information assisted by innovative sensor technology. A highly experienced project management team provides support on individual projects.


An optimal transport concept, integrated certified sterilization solutions and incorporated customs clearance significantly shorten the turnaround times of instruments and implants. Combined with the vast experience of Swiss Express Innight Medica, we ensure optimal process efficiency.

Our innovative special services are ideal for patient-specific order-picking and gathering of goods to the point of use.


We work closely with you to develop the secure transport and storage of samples with integrated request management. The archived samples can be requested at the same time as encrypted examination reports. Automated stock reordering of materials and system-oriented equipment management complete our portfolio of services for you.


Swiss Post collaborates closely with you to develop logistics solutions for the special requirements of research, development and production with the integration of international access. We provide solutions for temperature-controlled logistics and sensitively managed transport for the secure delivery of goods – connected both physically and digitally. Always in compliance with all regulatory provisions.

Pharmaceutical sector

Swiss Post guarantees compliance with pharmaceutical industry requirements by using temperature-controlled, intelligent transport systems. Direct imports and storage are linked to a highly efficient multi-channel distribution network. You benefit from the cost-efficiency and sustainability of this solution.

Personalized medicine

New structures require a new logistics logic and innovative B2C solutions are becoming increasingly important. Swiss Post’s mail carriers are out on the roads – near to your patients’ homes. Our digitally linked delivery and returns management allows you to benefit from a wide range of services in future. This will also enable you to remain close to patients outside of the hospital, your home or your pharmacy.

Value-added services


  • Disposal of empty containers
  • Disposal of pharmaceutical products
  • Disposal of plastics
  • Disposal of sensitive products (empties with residue, special waste)
  • Disposal of contaminated materials directly from the operating theatre

We will provide a proof of disposal and are happy to draw up customer-specific disposal concepts upon request.




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