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Addressing consignments correctly

Using the correct address increases efficiency

Addressing consignments according to Swiss Post guidelines is important for ensuring efficient processing. Using the correct address format and providing complete address information ensures the entire mailing process runs smoothly and that consignments are delivered without problems to the correct recipient.

The way in which letters are addressed has a direct impact on the handling process. A degree of standardization of the address layout facilitates the use of state-of-the-art processing technology.

Detailed information on addressing letters, as well as practical examples, can be found in the “Correct addressing” specification.



You can find the correct postcode in Swiss Post’s postcode directory “Search for postcode”.

You can find the correct address format for consignments to PickPost and poste restante addresses at the “Locations and opening hours” online service.


Address labels must have a paper weight of at least 80g/m2, should not be reflective and must be adhesive over their entire surface area.

Create and pay for parcel Label

Affix the address label at the bottom right of the largest surface of the parcel. Please remove old address labels and consignment barcodes.

For trapezoidal packaging in the shape of a truncated pyramid, affix the address label and the consignment barcode to the side opposite the largest surface. The full address must be affixed to the same horizontal surface.