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Disposet Cold

The coolbox for medicinal products

Disposet Cold is multi-purpose insulated packaging for the transport of cooled human and veterinary medicines. The coolbox helps you keep your products at a temperature range of +2 °C to +8 °C.

Order the Disposet Cold online by 11 a.m. and it will be delivered to you the next day (Monday to Friday). Freeze the cooling elements over 24 hours to the required temperature and prepare the consignment. You can then send the Disposet Cold with the last collection of the day (from 4 p.m.) as PostPac Priority or Swiss-Express “Moon”.


We deliver the cooled consignment to the recipient, taking the empty coolboxes back with us. We then clean them and prepare them for the next order. By sending products in a Dispobox 33, the consignment is safely packed and also protected against impact.

Lab tests

The Disposet Cold packaging has been tested in a laboratory under realistic winter and summer temperature
conditions. During the test (Ugra test), a temperature range of + 2 °C to + 8 °C was maintained over at least 15 hours.

Technical details

  • Made from EPP (expanded polypropylene), metallic grey
  • Useable volume: 10.8 litres
  • 6 cooling elements from HDPE, each with 500 ml water
  • 10 individual parts
  • Empty weight: 1.6 kg without and 4.9 kg with cooling elements
  • Maximum transport weight: 30 kg
  • External dimensions: 480 mm x 340 mm x 285 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 350 mm x 210 mm x 148 mm