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Barcode Plus

Swiss Post adds barcodes or shipping labels to your parcels

Your parcels are ready for shipping, but you don’t have the time to affix the consignment barcodes or address labels yourself? Or you didn’t manage to order new consignment barcodes on time?

Swiss Post is happy to take care of labelling for you.

The Barcode Plus value-added service offers you three options:

  1. Affixing address labels with integrated consignment barcodes
  2. Affixing consignment barcodes to existing address labels affixed by the customer
  3. Printing and affixing address labels with integrated consignment barcodes

Barcode Plus is available for the following basic services:

  • PostPac Promo
  • Bulky goods PRIORITY and ECONOMY
  • The VinoLog solution

Value-added services and delivery instructions can also be selected for each order.

Using Barcode Plus

To use the service, your consignment must be registered with us. You can register with your customer advisor. If you do not have a customer advisor, the Swiss Post Contact Center will be happy to help.


Affixing the consignment barcode or shipping label: CHF 0.70 per consignment (excl. VAT).