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Post E-Health in the canton of Vaud

Paperless canton-wide hospital transfers

The Report Transfer module has been in use in the canton of Vaud since 2013. The electronic exchange of data facilitates time-saving canton-wide hospital transfers.

Aiming to increase the quality and efficiency of treatment, the canton of Vaud has placed its trust in the secure data transfer services of Swiss Post as part of its e-health strategy. Secure, electronic hospital transfers are now possible across the entire canton thanks to the Vaud pilot project.

Efficient networking

Based on Swiss Post’s e-health platform, data transfer was launched in the canton of Vaud in 2012 through the networking of hospitals in close cooperation with the canton of Geneva and Swiss Post. Thanks to electronic report transfer, discharge reports are transferred from the university hospital to the regional hospitals, or from the hospital to the Spitex organization or to the doctors, without any media disruption. The early transfer of information by the e-health platform to the attending physicians has in particular reduced the number of re-hospitalization cases and accelerated the availability of relevant treatment information.

Medication safety in Nord Vaudois

The medication plan has been in use in Nord Vaudois since 2013 and has contributed to increasing medication safety.

The medication plan for the canton of Vaud facilitates closer tracking of medication for patients who require complex medication. Despite receiving new prescriptions from several doctors, the physician is constantly aware of the situation and can make a better and quicker assessment of the risks.

The pharmacy is able to check the compatibility of the prescription with other medication quicker. When a patient is admitted to hospital or in an emergency situation, the list of medications is consulted and initial decisions can be made quickly.

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