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The electronic patient record

Your personal patient data – always securely at hand

The introduction of the electronic patient record means that all Swiss healthcare professionals need to be networked. Swiss Post plays an important role in this process and is the right choice of professional partner, also for you as a patient.

The electronic patient record (EPR) is not a detached product that can be obtained by patients directly from Swiss Post. The EPR is based on a federal law and is a concrete result of the eHealth Suisse strategy. To ensure that the benefits of the EPR are shared by all, it must be used productively by both patients and healthcare institutions and specialists. This requires so-called core communities. From mid-2108, these communities will allow an electronic patient record to be opened with the consent of the patient.

The benefits of a personal EPR at a glance:

  • Patients have access to their personal medical data at all times
  • In addition to healthcare professionals, patients can also store documents that are important to them in their personal EPR (such as living wills or data they measure themselves)
  • Patients decide who has access to their personal EPR
  • In a medical emergency, access to all important patient data is guaranteed
  • The EPR increases the quality and safety of care, as all healthcare professionals involved in a treatment have access to the latest treatment data at all times
  • The personal EPR can be opened at a core community of the patient’s choice (list of communities available from mid-2018 at Exception: residents of the canton of Geneva can already open their personal EPR today.