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Electronic patient record (EPR)

A virtual patient record for greater and improved information

The Post E-Health platform offers an electronic patient record (EPR) as a basic service. This EPR meets all the statutory requirements according to the EPDG (Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record). All the individual components of the basic service, e.g. the Access Control System (ACS), Document Registry (REG), Document Repository (REP), Master Patient Index (MPI) and Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) form part of the EPR system. Patients and healthcare professionals each have their own portal: the e-portal for patients and the e-portal for healthcare professionals. These web portals enable EPR users to access all the functionalities required by the legislator, such as uploading and viewing medical documents/images, as well as managing permissions. Standard integration enables healthcare professionals to connect their primary systems and, in turn, make use of the EPR functionalities directly from their primary system.