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Electronic patient record

Access to patient data in compliance with data protection requirements

The electronic patient record (EPR) allows patients and all authorized healthcare professionals to access medical data anytime and anywhere, giving them quick access to important information such as medication lists, hospital discharge reports or details about allergies and increasing the reliability of correct diagnosis and treatment.

With the electronic patient record, patient data can be viewed at any time and from any location. The patient determines who has access to their personal medical documents. In a medical emergency situation and under strict conditions, a healthcare professional can also access the documents without access rights in order to ensure the safety of the patient under treatment.

For you as a healthcare professional

  • You get access to information relevant to treatment, such as your patients’ hospital discharge reports, laboratory results, vaccinations and current medication, thus further enhancing the quality of your work, improving treatment processes or addressing patient needs more specifically
  • Documents and data relating to patients can be accessed directly in a specific information system or via the web portal
  • You can save documents in the patient record at any time without access rights (read rights are however granted by patients themselves)
  • In a medical emergency, you can also access documents without explicit access rights, ensuring patient safety

For you as a patient

  • You have access to your personal health data at all times
  • You can store your own important health-related documents in your patient record (such as living wills or data you measure yourself)
  • You decide who has access to your patient record and have an overview of all access at all times
  • In a medical emergency, access to all important documents is possible
  • Your safety is improved because all healthcare professionals involved in a treatment have access to the latest information at all times

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