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Making quality and efficiency measurable

In the healthcare sector, the quality of treatments and services must always be guaranteed, even when faced with major time constraints and increasingly complex patient situations. Regular analysis and measurement of processes, including internal processes, can prevent deficiencies and errors – guaranteeing high levels of patient satisfaction.

Is the practice, department or clinic on track? What do patients, referring physicians or staff think? A professional assessment of the situation can reveal the strengths that need to be maintained and the weaknesses that need to be improved. This is done by analysing feedback on satisfaction levels collected from patients, staff and referring physicians using scientific methods. The various surveys can be carried out individually or in combination. The survey tools are highly accurate and available both online and offline. Anonymity and data security are guaranteed at all times.

The breadth of the service portfolio is unique and covers the entire treatment chain:

  • Satisfaction surveys among the key stakeholders: patients (outpatients and inpatients), referring physicians, staff and relatives.
  • Assessment of results
  • Process analysis
  • Studies and registries
  • Medical surveys

Swiss Post supports service providers in carrying out process-based data collection efficiently. Hospitals, medical practices and homes benefit from Swiss Post’s automated survey management system because it allows them to focus their resources fully on the results of the analysis and the planning of measures. Swiss Post also provides support in the interpretation and analysis of results and the development of a tailor-made package of measures.