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vivates in the canton of Ticino

Sound solution for complex treatments

vivates forms the basis for the reTIsan project, the electronic patient record in the canton of Ticino. It is currently used for the confidential exchange of data for oncology patients.

The canton of Ticino has been using vivates under the name reTIsan since January 2014. As part of its Rete Sanitaria program, it is used as an electronic patient record for oncology patients.

Patient data is documented in the reTIsan record from the time the diagnosis is made. This ensures that a patient’s medical history is fully recorded and that treatment is optimally coordinated by the various professionals involved. Patients’ files are managed by their respective physicians. Patients have access to this data together with their physicians.

Exemplary project

Today, reTIsan generates valuable data concerning the use and benefits of the patient record in the canton of Ticino. Based on these findings, the electronic patient record is to be gradually expanded to include other medical areas. The reTIsan project meets the evaluation criteria for basic components on a “nationwide” level with a high degree of development. In June 2015 it was awarded the highest label “Nationwide – Strategy-compliant – Multi-Community 2015” by the eHealth Switzerland coordinating body.

More information (Italian only) on vivates in the canton of Ticino.