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Swiss Post’s e-voting service

Maximum security and a comprehensive solution

Swiss Post provides the cantons and the Swiss population with a comprehensive e-voting solution facilitating secure and protected electronic voting and elections.

E-voting offers numerous advantages compared to the traditional paper-based voting procedures. It prevents formal errors being made when voting. E-voting is also always available when travelling or abroad and presents fewer obstacles for people with disabilities. Finally, it also involves far less effort when counting. With e-voting, sovereignty over votes and elections remains with the cantons and municipalities. E-voting facilitates a closer link between citizens and existing eGov platforms.

Swiss Post’s e-voting solution offers the cantons a number of advantages: 

  • The solution supports all four national languages and English.
  • Voters can vote by PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Thanks to standardized interfaces and the support of the Swiss eGovernment standard eCH, the service can be integrated into the IT systems used by the cantons before and after the vote and for authentication.
  • Swiss Post provides comprehensive support for the implementation and introduction of e-voting at cantonal or municipal level.
  • Furthermore, Swiss Post also provides assistance in sending the voting documents and ballot papers as it has done for several decades.
  • The system is accredited in accordance with the regulations and standards determined by the Federal Chancellery.
  • Individual auditability of votes (cast as intended, recorded as cast).
  • Authorized for up to 50% of the electorate.
  • Extensive documentation published.
  • Proven technology in use nationally and internationally.
  • Swiss Post’s solution includes a graphic back office tool which greatly simplifies the preparation and follow-up of the voting procedure.

The solution is being developed with the goal of providing, in its most advanced phase of development, the following characteristics:

  • The system is being developed step-by-step, so that it can be authorized for all voters (gradual phasing-in).
  • It will completely meet the requirements of a second generation e-voting system defined by the Federal Chancellery: universal auditability of the vote(s) (counted as recorded), additional control elements make it possible to verify the integrity of the system and the processes at any time (identical to election observer), external audits, when handling source code, the provisions of the Federal Chancellery will also be observed, the source code will be published on the basis of these provisions.

With its e-voting solution, Swiss Post provides the cantons with the following services:

Software as a service

  • Second generation e-voting system that meets the requirements defined by the Federal Chancellery.
  • This system is being developed step-by-step, so that it can be authorized for all voters.
  • Scalable, hosted by Swiss Post.
  • 24-hour supervision for increased security. The in-house core software and infrastructure are also monitored along with the expanded ecosystem in which the e-voting is located. 
  • The licence incorporates all security-related and functional updates for the service.


Comprehensive training for the staff of the state chancelleries and their election workers.


  • Advice on the e-voting procedure and logistics.
  • E-voting communication package providing information for voters (messages, support materials, videos, demo environment).
  • Advice on satisfying the requirements of the Federal Chancellery.
  • Close knowledge exchange concerning ICT and security.


  • Second level support from Swiss Post during the configuration period and during the voting procedures.
  • Third level support.
  • Support for verification after the vote.
  • Support for all questions relating to e-voting. 


Including integration into the cantons’ vote management systems (also with standard eCH interfaces).

Pricing model

The pricing model for the Swiss Post e-voting solution has a multi-layer design:

  1. Basic fee for use and operation of the solution in the Swiss Post data centers.
  2. Variable costs depending on the size of the electorate and the number of people eligible to participate.
  3. Falling costs per capita as the number of people eligible to participate and the number of cantons using the Swiss Post e-voting solution increases.

Want to try out our e-voting system? Thanks to our public demo system, you can try out our e-voting system from start to finish by taking part in a fictitious vote.

Go to to access the demo system.