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New cantons and certification for 50 percent of voters

Swiss Post’s e-voting service is the first in Switzerland to have received certification for use for up to 50 percent of voters. This means that for the first time, those cantons using the Swiss Post solution will be able to make the electronic election and voting channel available to up to half of their voters.

Swiss Post’s e-voting system has until now been used by the cantons of Neuchâtel and Fribourg. Since the beginning of 2017, Swiss Post has impressed two additional cantons with its solution. The Canton of Basel-Stadt was the first of these to express interest in the e-voting system. Then, at the beginning of July 2017, Thurgau became the fourth canton to announce that it had chosen Swiss Post as its supplier, following a public tender. The Canton of Thurgau plans to offer e-voting initially to Swiss voters resident abroad and, in a later phase, to residents of a small number of pilot municipalities as well.