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Swiss Post’s e-voting solution

Electronic voting and elections for Switzerland

Swiss Post offers the cantons and municipalities a simple and flexible solution for introducing e-voting for Swiss citizens living both in Switzerland and abroad.
As the trustworthy carrier of more than 20 million consignments containing voting documents and postal votes every year, Swiss Post is also the natural choice for ensuring the safe and confidential transmission of votes cast electronically with its e-voting solution.

Swiss Post believes that only a transparent and politically neutral solution for e-voting can be successful in the long term. This is why Swiss Post publishes a certain number of documents and concepts for experts. There is also a plan to publish the source code.

The following documents describe in detail how the Swiss Post e-voting platform works. Experts in the e-voting and cybersecurity sector are the target audience. The documents are written jointly by Swiss Post and Scytl (

If you have any questions, you can address them to Swiss Post at

Presentation of available documents

The Pillars of End-to-End Online Voting (PDF, 815.8 KB)Document is unavailable.

Using a table, this document succinctly describes the principal pillars of security for secured end-to-end e-voting.

Process to secure & verifiable online voting (PDF, 590.6 KB)Document is unavailable.

This document contains a graphic representation of the secured, verifiable e-voting process implemented by Swiss Post.

Swiss Post Online Voting Protocol (PDF, 956.6 KB)Document is unavailable.

This scientific article describes the protocol used by Swiss Post in its e-voting system. Firstly it presents the protocol at a high level with a generic overview of the participants and provides a symbolic and syntactic description, which could be useful for other protocols using the return codes and in order to make a symbolic analysis of the security of such concepts. The document also supplies details on implementation.

Individual Verifiability, Swiss Post Online Voting Protocol Explained (PDF, 762.3 KB)Document is unavailable.

This document is a high-level description of the individual verification of the protocol used by Swiss Post in its e-voting system.

E-voting infrastructure whitepaper (PDF, 862.1 KB)Document is unavailable. (German version)

This document describes and presents how Swiss Post has implemented a secured infrastructure for its e-voting service. The document introduces the principal security measures defined to combat cyber-attacks.

Transition to a Javascript voting client or remote e-voting (PDF, 352.5 KB)Document is unavailable.

This document presents the process for replacing client e-voting software written in Java with a client written in Javascript. In particular it displays Scytl’s experiences during the development and roll-out of its new Javascript client.