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Free address analysis

Have the quality of your address database checked

With correct customer addresses, donor indexes and member lists, you can be sure that your messages reach the right person. We recommend having your address database checked using our address analysis service – it’s very easy and free of charge.

Get an initial overview of your address database status. Swiss Post checks your addresses using a free address analysis system.

After your addresses have been analysed, you will receive feedback on your addresses with the following information:

  • Number of addresses that can receive postal item deliveries 
  • Number of invalid addresses that can be updated 
  • Number of addresses that can be corrected 
  • Number of duplicates 
  • Number of invalid addresses 
  • Number of addresses that cannot be corrected

We will send you a detailed quotation for the updated and corrected data based on the analysis. You can decide whether or not you want Swiss Post to clean the erroneous data at the quoted price.

Information and advice

We would be pleased to provide you with personalized advice. Get in touch with us.