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Notification services for consignments

Automatic, electronic status notifications

With the notification services, senders and recipients are kept up to date about the status of a consignment.

The notification services automatically inform senders and receivers via e-mail or SMS about the status of consignments as soon as a consignment event has taken place.

The following information can be communicated:

  • “Proof of mailing” notification service:
    This message informs your customers that you have passed the order to us.
    They can use their consignment number to track the consignment online.
  • “Delivery information” notification service
    The message informs customers on which date their order will be delivered to them.
    • “Saturday delivery” notification:
      Notification of delivery of a consignment on the following Saturday.
    • “Evening delivery” notification:
      Notification of evening delivery of a consignment (same day or on the following day).
  • “Collection information” notification service:
    This notification is aimed at customers who receive consignments at a P.O. Box or poste restante address, and informs them that their consignment is ready for collection.
  • “Reminder to recipient“ notification service:
    The message reminds customers that they have not yet collected their consignment.
  • “Handover status to sender” notification service:
    The message is sent to senders and informs them about the consignment’s status (e.g. delivered, ready for collection, second delivery attempt made).