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Change shipping order

Recall or speed up parcels

Was a parcel that is already in transit prepared incorrectly or addressed to an incorrect or unauthorized recipient? Or would you like a parcel to reach its destination more quickly? With the «Change shipping order» value-added service, the consignment can be stopped, returned, addressed differently or sped up, as long as it is still in the sorting process.


Sometimes you do not want a parcel which was posted to reach its destination:

  • If the wrong goods were packed
  • If recipient addresses were mixed up
  • If there is suspicion of fraud

Sometimes a parcel also needs to be sped up:

  • If a parcel was posted using the wrong speed
  • If the consignment has been delayed in the postal channel

The solution for such cases is the «Change shipping order» value-added service. As long as the parcel is still in the sorting process, we can intervene in the transport.

Tell us how the shipping order should be changed, depending on the situation:

  • Stop and return parcel
  • Stop parcel and send to the correct address
  • Speed up parcel using a more premium service


  • If a consignment for which there is suspicion of fraud is delivered, the administration costs for payment reminders/debt collection or the costs for the loss of goods will be higher than the price for the «Change shipping order» value-added service
  • With «Change shipping order», you have the option of accessing a consignment before it is delivered to the end customer
  • The sender customer can manage the consignment for longer
  • Unsuccessful change requests are not invoiced to the sender customer