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Bulk Mailing Manager

The solution for larger-sized, addressed letter volumes

The Bulk Mailing Manager is Swiss Post’s sorting and optimization software for customers and their service providers who frequently submit larger-sized, addressed consignment volumes (more than 10,000) to Swiss Post. The complexity of posting a mailing is hugely simplified by the Bulk Mailing Manager software. The software leads the customer to the product that best suits their needs.

The Bulk Mailing Manager is an easy-to-use piece of software that compares your customer data with Swiss Post’s latest address file to optimize posting. You can update your customer data for address correction by performing a duplicate merge-purge to prevent any unnecessary consignments.

The security of your customer data takes precedence: install the software on your client and the customer data will only be edited on your computer.

The current address file held by Swiss Post will be compared whenever the software is launched and stored in the Bulk Mailing Manager. The address file will be published by Swiss Post every 2 weeks in its latest version.