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Enquiries and claims

Summary of your submitted claims

The “Enquiries and claims” online service gives you an overview of your ongoing and completed enquiries and claims at all times. As a business customer, you can check the status of your claims, upload documents or request that a claim be closed.

The “Enquiries and claims” online service simplifies the claim status monitoring process. Closed claims are archived for several months.

The following functions are available:

  • Filter claims by category
  • Upload documents required for clarifications
  • Export claims to Excel and download them as PDF files
  • Record enquiries for domestic and international consignments
  • Request that a claim be closed as soon as the lost item has reappeared or the matter has been settled by another means

If a consignment goes missing or you wish to register a claim, you should notify your usual Swiss Post contact.

As soon as the claim has been recorded by the relevant entity at Swiss Post, it is displayed in the online service.

You can also submit documents required for clarifications online. These documents are then immediately available to us so we can process the claim.

You can filter the claims and monitor their status online at any time:

  • Process initiated (claim opened)
  • In progress with Customer Service
  • Awaiting confirmation from the relevant entity at Swiss Post
  • Process closed (claim closed)

Once a claim is closed, the customer service department informs you of the result.