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Postcard API

The digital interface for individual postcards

Bring joy to others by sending postcards and turn customers into ambassadors: with the “Postcard API” digital interface, your customers can send individual postcards – via your website, your app or with a photo booth at an event. Swiss Post takes care of printing and mailing the postcards.

With “Postcard API” from Swiss Post, your customers can send individual postcards – complete with your company branding – and become your ambassadors. All you need is a connection to our digital interface. After the initial programming of the connection, you can use the Postcard API for the communication purposes of your choice. From a photo booth at a company event to a large-scale marketing campaign: postcards never fail to attract attention and generate affinity. It is up to you to decide how much branding you want to use to present your company on the postcard. You can also determine which communication channel your customers will use to access the postcard design process. There is a wide range of possibilities, such as via a link on your company website, an app or a Facebook plug-in.

Possible ideas for using Postcard API

  • Photo booth connection for your event or location: send a photo from an event, hotel or excursion destination directly as a postcard.
  • Integration in a website or mobile app for special events (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter) or as part of a marketing campaign: send personalized or pre-defined postcards from a landing page.
  • Product launch / announcement of a (new) service.
  • Send thank you or birthday cards directly from the customer management system.

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