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Regional product delivery

Distribution of regional products from the farm to consumers

Swiss Post takes care of the distribution of fresh products from your farm to customers in your local area quickly and reliably, ensuring that the delivery of agricultural products is in good hands. You bring your products early in the morning to the nearest Swiss Post delivery office. The mail carrier delivers the goods to your customers by early afternoon.

  • Better margin through direct selling
  • Better predictability thanks to subscriptions
  • Reduced logistics complexity
  • Additional sales channel

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The distribution of fresh products from the farm is a logistics service developed by Swiss Post especially for farms. We take care of the delivery of your agricultural products directly to your customers in your local area.

You put the orders together, pack the fresh products into reusable carrier bags and affix the address label and barcode. You bring the bags to the nearest delivery point early in the morning. The mail carrier delivers your products directly to your customers by early afternoon on their normal rounds. Thanks to careful handling and fast processing, fruits, vegetables and other products are delivered quickly and directly to their recipients.

Swiss Post’s regional product delivery gives you an inexpensive, direct distribution channel. It also simplifies the sale of products by subscription and can supplement any farm shop you might have.

Bernhard Hänni, an organic farmer from the Thun region, explains in the video (in German) how and why he uses the Swiss Post regional product delivery service.

You can also find details in the PDF “Regional product delivery – infographic”.