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Mailroom Outsourcing

Mailroom outsourcing increases efficiency and reduces costs

The mailroom is responsible for managing some of your organization’s most valuable documents and sensitive corporate information. The effective management of these documents and their delivery can impact the success of your operation.

We take care of all of your internal mail logistics and build an effective document management system, ensuring that information reaches the right recipients at the right time and in the required format.

Thanks to our monitoring system, the costs of your internal mail are traceable at all times, allowing accurate planning and control. We run your mailroom by processing your incoming, internal and outgoing mail:

  • Operation of the company’s internal mail services, including acceptance, sorting, distribution and Track & Trace
  • X-ray screening of incoming mail for dangerous contents
  • Transport between different company sites
  • Advice on the optimization of mailing costs
  • Archiving services

We also help you to develop your physical mailroom into a digital information hub. Efficient document management, means that documents and information can be made available whenever and wherever they are needed.

Concentrate on your core business and let us, the Swiss market leader, effectively process your internal mail.